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Mahale resort is situated at Guinjata Bay, on the exquisite East Coast of Mozambique at S 24° 03ʹ 57ʺ and E 35°29ʹ33ʺ, 30 km south of the city of Inhambane and 485 km from Maputo. 


The resort can be easily reached with 4x4 and 2x4 vehicles equipped with a differential lock. A gentle first or second gear with well deflated tyres will get you anywhere on the roads around Mahale. For sedan motors, safe parking can be arranged close by from where you can be transferred to the Mahale.
For visitors from South Africa travelling by road, there are various routes to choose from. Travel time from e.g. Johannesburg can be from 14 hours on good tarred surface to three days for the 4x4 enthusiast wishing to make a tour of it. By far the most popular route is via the Lebombo border post just east of Komatipoort. This route leaves one with two possibilities; one through Maputo on the N4 or via a 90 km dirt road via Moambo and Magude to join the N4 130 km North of Maputo. The Moamba - Magude route is slightly shorter (40 km), but is not suggested for sedan vehicles or for towing boats or trailers, except off-road trailers. Some travellers however prefer this route to avoid the Maputo traffic as well as harassment sometimes experienced by the Maputo traffic officials. A new ring road has since been constructed which avoids the city centre.

Other possibilities include entering Mozambique through border posts at Kosi Bay, Swaziland or through the Kruger National Park via the Ghiriyondo or Pafuri border gates.Except for through Swaziland, these routes are again not suggested for sedan vehicles, both the Kosi Bay and Pafuri options is strictly 4x4 only. Kosi Bay entails a ± 4 hour / 160 km 4x4 sand and gravel road to Maputo from where it is another 7 to 8 hour drive to Mahale.
The Ghiriyondo border post is situated 75 km north of Olifants camp in the Kruger Park. From here a 340 km dirt road via Massingir dam, Chokwe and Chibuto leads to the N4 at Chidenguele. Even though the total distance from Ghiriyondo to Mahale is less than 600 km, one can expect around 11 hours traveling time.
Unless you are a 4x4 enthusiast wishing to make a tour of getting to Mahale and have another 4x4 for company, we do not suggest the route through Pafuri. The distance from Pafuri Border gate to Mahale is 680 km, but allow two days travelling time for this stretch.


The Mozambican National Airline, LAM, operates daily from O R Tambo (Johannesburg) as well as Maputo International Airport to Inhambane. From O R Tambo, normal departure time is 10h45. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the flight is via Vilankulo (2½ hours) whilst on the other days the route is direct to Inhambane (1½ hour). Irrespective of the route, the cost remains the same. Visit for bookings and information.

Private aircraft flights for groups of up to eight passengers can be arranged from Lanseria International Airport. Preferred departure time is between 08h00 and 12h00 depending on passenger preference for a flight lasting 1¾ hour. Return trip costs approximately R50 000 for up to eight passengers. If required, other departure airports near your home may also be possible, feel free to inquire.
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